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New Libraries Section at Pew Internet

January 15, 2013

Pew Internet and American Life Project has added to its offerings a new section that focuses on libraries.  The more recent publications cover topics about e-readers and e-readers as well as the information habits of various groups.  The information provided comes in the form of research publications and blog posts. An infographic describing owners of e-readers and tablets is included.


Jamaica’s Digital Divide

October 20, 2012

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Newsweek’s decision to close down their print operations and go completely digital would perhaps be to some another signal of death of the print. It however raises the question of information access to those who still do not have access to the Internet. The results of the recent Census in Jamaica indicated that majority of homes still do not have access to the Internet. While smartphones have helped to reduce the gap between those who have access and those who do not, studies show that there are wide differences between various groups such as rural and urban dwellers. If all the major newspapers in Jamaica were to follow in Newsweek’s path then the majority of householders would not have access to this important source of information.

Jamaica is a developing country with very talented individuals in a variety of areas. More of this talent can however be tapped if more persons had ready access to the information they needed to better themselves. They would also have a wider platform on which to express their creativity through access to a wider audience via the Internet as well. Individuals could increase their income and the nation as a whole could derive economic benefits. With so many persons leaving tertiary institutions with limited job prospects, perhaps it is time for the government of Jamaica to actively seek ways of increasing Internet access to more of its citizens. This would give more persons the ability to take advantage of income-earning opportunities on the Internet.

A number of persons are already doing this such as Shalette East of In sharing her personal experience she declared that there are millions of dollars to be made from online education. The number of online education websites has grown, but what about those students who do not have access to them because of lack of connectivity? They are being deprived of the benefits of these resources that can help them to improve their performance in school and give them better opportunities for fulfilling their potential.

If the situation does not change the gap between the “information haves” and “have nots” will continue to get worse and the development of the nation as a whole will continue to be lopsided. Commendable efforts have been made in some areas such as the provision of broadband Internet access to schools through the Universal Access Fund. More however still needs to be done to broaden the access to ordinary Jamaicans.

DevInfo – Tracking Human Development

October 18, 2012

DevInfo 7.0 makes it easy for governments, development partners, UN agencies, researchers, journalists, students, and the general public to access development information. Powerful tables/graphs/maps can be generated instantly for insertion in reports and advocacy tools. The new “My Data” feature lets users upload or copy/paste their data onto the site as a way to organize and visualize it.

Visit DevInfo today at

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Caribbean Library Journal

September 21, 2012

Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ) welcomes the submission of manuscripts for the publication of its inaugural issue in April 2013. CLJ is an open access peer-reviewed online journal which focuses on the practice and research of Caribbean librarianship and the information management of Caribbean resources globally. It publishes original research written by Caribbean librarians, information scientists and library school faculty and students, as well as by information professionals from outside the Caribbean region who work with, or conduct research on Caribbean materials. Currently, CLJ is only able to accept publications in English.

The CLJ team will work with new authors and persons with innovative ways of presenting scholarship in the Web 2.0 environment. A section of the journal is assigned to pushing the boundaries of Caribbean scholarship and publications. CLJ will accept visual essays, video presentations, technical coding with explanations on library and information, illustrated guides on how to solve library and archival issues.

The key areas under which the submissions will be classified are:

  • Articles
  • Visual/Web 2.0/Technical presentations
  • Book Reviews

All submissions will undergo a process of peer review before publication.

The CLJ is published and maintained by The University of the West Indies using the Open Journal System.

Interested persons should submit an abstract of no more than 400 words to by 15th October 2012. Authors will be informed of their acceptance by 30th November 2012 . The final version of the paper is to be submitted by 1st February 2013. Further manuscript guidelines will be given upon the acceptance of proposals.

NLM Mobile App: Water Emergency Response for Libraries

September 6, 2012

This app from the National Library of Medicine (US) covers topics including Recovery Procedures by Material to be Recovered, Health and Safety Information on Mold and Asbestos and includes videos of recovery procedures. It can be accessed here.

Medical Faculty Member Discusses Teaching with Wikipedia

February 24, 2012

BBC Caribbean Archives (1988-2011) Donated to UWI

November 7, 2011

Last Friday the broadcast archive of BBC Caribbean (1988-2011) was officially handed over to the University of the West Indies in a ceremony held at the Main Library of the Mona Campus.  The gift includes over 3000 hours of programmes and is to be made available for use by researchers.

The BBC Caribbean website continues as a legacy site with highlights from news, sporting and cultural archives.